30/04/2015 Stuff and Nonsense

Our first official website post! After 8 years you’d figure we were a bit more tuned in to the powers of the world wide web..Hmmm we are just simple fellas after all.
How’s tricks? What’s new? Well we are still plugging our way up, down and across the country! 2014 was MASSIVE for us! Culminating in a big run of kick ass festivals at the end of the year.. Narooma Blues, Bridgetown blues and of course Woodford Folk Festival which 117 THOUSAND people rocked up to! Not all to our gigs I might add but we are going to claim it! This year is looking like it will be just as big if not bigger! We have a swag of amazing festivals who have signed us up (check the shows tab) and we are busy with our heads down and bums up writing and recording a new record.. This would explain why we have been a bit quiet of late.. ALSO, Syd has opened a new studio called the Nest in Nowra, N.S.W (sydgreen.com) both he and brother Heath also had their first children!! Something which they are super stoked about! Blues sporn ready some brain washing : ) I’m sure both the lads are keen to get sweaty with you all soon... I know I am.. It has been a bit too long since we have been to a few places we LOVE to play so please keep checking back on here for those shows to pop up! Once this record is done you won’t be asking “Where have those sweaty, rowdy buggers gone?” but you’ll be weeping for us to leave you alone..... Here’s hoping! See you soon friends!
Kind regards,